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Pakistan hasThree international airports, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

PIA (Pakistan International Airline)

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operates flights from several international destination including major European capitals and from North America. For contact information of PIA's office near to you, click here. There are several other international airlines that fly to Pakistan and may be more convenient depending on your itinerary. You can find international airline listing at airlines listing, airlines of the world and chose your destination.

The sixth of May , 1993 would be remembered in the history of Pakistan Aviation as a land-mark . It was a day when a private Airline entered the nation's skies with the commitment to serve the traveling public. Our home-base ,Quaid-e-Azam International Airport - Karachi and Dubai's Intentional Airport are amongst the International modern airports of the world , and serves as our gateway to Asia and beyond.

Aero Asia, a subsidiary of "Tabani group of Companies" which is an established commercial entity by itself, started its operation from Karachi. Managed by a skeletal team, from two flights a per day operation back in 1993, the airline has cruised high to become Pakistan's largest private airline with almost 404 domestic and international flights per month, catering to a rapidly expanding route network and flying the largest fleet of aircraft among all the private airlines operating in the country.

Other Infomration

If you are planning to go to Northern areas, Islamabad is your starting point. PIA, British Airways and few other airlines fly directly to Islamabad. Lot more airlines operate out of Karachi which may offer you better fare alternatives. From Karachi you can take a two hour domestic flight to Islamabad. See Air Travel within Pakistan for how to get to Islamabad.

When purchasing tickets, look around for cheapest fares. Travel agents that specialize in travel to India and Pakistan will offer you best options. These travel agents have worked out special arrangements with airlines to provide cheap fares. In addition, they will usually cut from their commission to get your business. Getting tickets from these travel agents can save you up to 30% on your fare as compared to buying from airline or a travel agent dealing with mostly domestic travel in your country. Indian and Pakistani grocery stores usually have newspapers for expatriates living in your area which will have advertisements of such travel agencies.

There are several sites on Internet that offer cheap fares to destinations all over the world. However, these tickets may have many restrictions especially on travel dates.

If you are also planning to travel to India or Nepal, you can buy a ticket with a stopover in Karachi or Islamabad. PIA has three weekly direct flights between Pakistan and Khatmandu. Added cost of this stop over is usually small.


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